The mortals along The Way are numerous and diverse, but one thing unites them: their common belief in divinity of The Way, usually characterized as the goddess An. Beyond the worship of The Way and An, however, each Layer plays host to a minor pantheon, and these pantheons can be either complex or simple, depending upon the number of people living there and the length of time they have occupied that place.

Worship of An

An is worshiped in a number of different ways by everyone along The Way, and generally emphasizes a particular Aspect of An’s godhood. Clerics of An can be found most anywhere that mortals reside in any recognizable number.

Minor pantheons

Every Layer has its own small pantheon of local elemental gods, with dominion over the various elemental properties of the Layer. Every Layer’s pantheon has at least these four fundamental deities:
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Water
In addition to these, occasionally there are other elemental gods present on a Layer, often the offspring of two or more elements:
  • Toxins, such as Poison, Gas, or Smoke
  • Patrons of living things, such as Nature, or Animals, and Plants
  • Atmospheric phenomenon, such as Fog, Light, Dark, or Lightning
Layers that are inhabited by a small society will often have demi-gods for each of the alignments; these deities may have other sub-deities that deal with the commingling of alignments:
  • Good
  • Evil
  • Law
  • Chaos
The demi-gods may also have created sub-gods in their time on that Layer, filling in a wide variety of roles in the lives of mortals:
  • Emotions, such as Love, Hate, Hubris, Envy, and Amusement
  • Mortal functions, such as Fertility, Death, and Contracts
  • Professions and trades, such as Smithing, Farming,


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